Our Offered Services

Our Family owned business has multiple tax professionals to serve your tax preparation, accounting, and payroll needs. 

Income Tax Return Preparation
Prepare all federal, any and all state and local tax returns for individuals, sole proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.
Fees start as low as $145.00 for a short form with one state and go up from there depending on the complexity of each persons tax situation.
*Students as low as $50.00 with a parent tax return

Prepare monthly, quartly, or semi-annual financial statements, which includes bank reconciliations and all other accounting services.

Fees are bases on hourly rates approx. $75.00 per hour.  Depending on your needs our services can be customized to fit your budget.  We can do as little or as much as you need.


Payroll Services

Prepare weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly payroll checks and earnings records.  Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual federal, state and local payroll reports (including 941 deposits, W-2's, etc.)

Provide after-the-fact payroll reports and W-2's for those of you who write your own payroll checks.

For a full service payroll our fees start as low as $85.00 per month.

Other Services we offer

  • Prepare sales tax returns
  • Prepare 1099's and W-2's
  • Business registrations
  • New business start-ups